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Event Highlight: Rocktoberfest 2021

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

What is Rocktoberfest?

In October 2021, 3rd Rock Media and Clapper officially launched their first creator event - Rocktoberfest! Taking inspiration from the german festival "Oktoberfest", Rocktoberfest was a virtual stein-holding competition that featured participation from Clapper creators.

The goal of Rocktoberfest was to feature the launch of Clappers new PK Battle function in a fun and uniting way for the community.

This event was an official collaboration between Clapper and 3rd Rock Media.

Stein-holding Competition

The stein-holding tournament featured 16 Clapper Creators who were selected through an application process. In order to be a competitor, an applicant had to be a Clapper creator with published content.

After the competitors were selected, 3rd Rock Media paired up the competitors for the first round of battles.

Tournament Rules:

  1. Competitor must use stein provided by 3rd Rock Media.

  2. Competitor must have their arm straight out at shoulder level while holding stein.

  3. Competitor must hold the handle of the stein throughout the entire battle.

  4. No elbows can be bent and arms must stay parallel to the ground.

  5. Stein must be filled with liquid (Beer is optional), leaving an inch of space at the top.


Shoutout to Rocktoberfest's 2021 Competitors:

  1. @Handy.Mandy

  2. @SfxRobert

  3. @Chef_Ev

  4. @Shellrae

  5. @Danspraggofficial

  6. @Malcom_Onlys_Hubby

  7. @Official_bigoletexan

  8. @BourneCraftingNSmithing

  9. @Momsesh

  10. @Carl.NewCastleUK

  11. @Coreykraft

  12. @Officialdjtwixx

  13. @BradmanTV

  14. @QuinntheEskimo

  15. @Ironmanmike

  16. @Billybob0913.2

🏆 The Rocktoberfest Champion would win a DELUXE Oktoberfest ceramic beer stein! 🏆

Beer Maids

To help promote Rocktoberfest, 3rd Rock Media also selected 5 lovely beer maids to warm up and close each day of the event.

An hour prior to the event, the beer maids would go on livestream in costume and engage with the audience. They would recap the each round, engage in "bar talk" with audience, and hype up the remaining competitors.

Shout-out to the lovely beer maids!

  • @Trezyure

  • @Anothertattooedblonde

  • @Winemama

  • @Kateleigh11

  • @Blooberrybaggens

  • @ClarisseMartin


🏆 @Ironmanmike came out as Rocktoberfest Champion! 🏆

Naming Rocktoberfest's Champion was only the beginning. Creators who have participated gained a great exposure that helped them achieve their verified status as a Clapper creator.

New connections were made and communities were formed. Rocktoberfest has helped some creators earn enough funds to travel to a Clapper Creator meetup in Vegas!

Clapper's livestream gifting revenue has DOUBLED thanks to the community's support of the PK Battle Function.

See ROCKTOBERFEST for yourself! 🍻

Watch the recap video below 👇

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