Who is 3rd Rock Media?

We’re an intimate team of ambitious professionals dedicated to helping creators and businesses succeed in the Web 3.0 era. Through collaboration within our diverse and high-performing entrepreneurial team, we deliver customized content plans for our clients based off of strategy techniques, marketing analysis, and revenue-driven tactics.

Our Areas of focus

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As a client, you will receive personalized day-to-day support and guided methods from our exclusive Talent Management experts. This core team specializes in audience development, community engagement, channel optimization, brand awareness, and valuable monetization opportunities. In addition, our experts can provide services in NFT marketing, cryptocurrency, social tokens, and metaverse advertising.

Official Partnership

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What we offer

3rd Rock Media has established an exclusive partnership with Clapper since September 2021. 

Clapper is a short-form video and social app that highlights REAL people and REAL lives. Clapper provides various features for creator monetization and opportunities to build your own community. 

In this exclusive partnership, 3rd Rock Media provides support to rising Clapper Creators through our various services and planned events. 

Your Personalized Content Strategy
We provide the stepping stones for creators to thrive within the Metaverse through our:
  • Event Opportunities 
  • Brand Boosting Tools
  • Talent Management Team Support
  • Community Connections 
  • Technical Support
  • Data Analytics
  • NFT Project Support
  • Social Tokens
  • Metaverse advertising
  • Industry News and Updates 
  • 1 on 1 meetings via Zoom
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